Composting Projects

I’ve assigned myself two composting projects for this spring.

First one is to build a compost bin for yard waste and things from the house, like fruit and veggie scraps. Not sure on the dimensions yet, but I’ve decided it will be framed with pressure treated lumber and deck screws. Then lined with chicken wire. I have the perfect location in a shady corner next to the shed. 

Second one is make a dog waste composter. I’m going to use a five gallon bucket we already have. Drill holes in the bottom and side. Dig a hole wider than the bucket. Put gravel in the bottom of the hole. Set the bucket in with the top edge sticking above the ground. Fill in around the bucket with gravel. Put the lid on it. Add septic system treatment once I’ve put my dog’s contributions into it. Add water as necessary.

I’ll share info on my projects after I complete them. Maybe next month depending on the weather. 

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